Cancer Insurance


We help protect you from the high costs associated with cancer treatment.

What does our basic policy offer?

Benefits for a wide range of cancer treatments, care and associated costs.

  • Coverage for you, your partner or your family.
  • Ages for issuance range from 18 to 99 years old.
  • We pay independently of any other insurance you may have.
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal (subject to the company’s right to increase premiums on a collective basis).

How to choose the amounts and benefit options?

You can select the benefit amounts that best suit your lifestyle and your budget.

seguro contra el cancer

A way to prepare for unforeseen events

Cancer care, from hospitalizations and surgeries to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can be expensive and you may not have the savings to cover these expenses.

A Cancer Treatment Insurance Policy, underwritten by Loyal American Life Insurance Company, provides benefits for covered cancer treatment costs and helps pay for other expenses related to your treatment, such as child care, transportation and lodging.

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Covered benefits

If you are diagnosed with cancer, we are here to help cover the costs of your care and treatment. Your policy includes the benefits described below.

Hospital benefits

  • Inpatient hospitalization benefit.
  • Outpatient diagnostic benefit.
  • Benefit for medicines and drugs for hospitalized patients.

Surgical benefits

  • Benefit for second or third opinion for surgeries.
  • Physician’s office surgery benefit.
  • Benefit for surgery in an ambulatory center.

Travel benefits

  • Ambulance benefit.
  • Benefit for transportation and lodging.

Benefits for transplants

  • Bone marrow transplant benefit.
  • Benefit for stem cell transplantation.

Benefits for chemotherapy and radiation

  • Benefit for immunotherapy.
  • Benefit for injected chemotherapy.
  • Benefit for oral non-hormone chemotherapy.

Treatment benefits

  • Benefit for blood, plasma and platelets.
  • Benefit for breast reconstructive surgery.
  • Benefit for surgically implanted prosthesis.

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